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Instagram is one of the most popular digital and social media apps today, with over a billion people using it every month. According to Instagram, all Instagram users combined create around 95+ million posts and content every day. It also reveals incredible business opportunities for brands that want to connect with their target audiences.

8 reasons to promote your blog with Instagram

Instagram marketing doesn’t necessarily require paid advertising . You can gather followers around your business page and enjoy consistent traffic every day. In today’s article, we give you 9 good reasons why you should use Instagram to promote your blog. Benefits will appear to varying degrees, depending on your blog’s niche and your campaign’s objective, budget, strategy, and implementation. We’ll take a look.

1 Instagram’s popularity continues to rise

A recent study shows that 40% of customers react better to visual content than to textual content. Since Instagram is famous for the amount of visual content posted, you should find ways to promote your niche blog through the same type of content.

Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, because in just 2 years the giant social network managed to double its user base. In 2016, Instagram had 500 million users. In 2018, Instagram’s number increased to 800 million monthly active visitors, which is a huge improvement in 2 years. Your blog can benefit from these incredible numbers. Luckily, you’re just one decision away from starting your Instagram marketing journey. It’s never late, but the sooner you start, the more secure you will be in your competitive position.

2 Speak thousands of words through pictures

You know a picture can say a thousand words, right? Well, the big brands know this too and they have already taken action. Most brands are now on Instagram, showcasing their stories and purpose to the public. Moreover, different visual content can raise different topics of discussion and could meet different customer needs.

According to a report by HuffingtonPost, Instagram photos receive better engagement than videos. Compared to the text, well, the differences are quite huge. The lesson here is that powerful visuals create engagement, especially powerful images.

3 Take advantage of short and interesting videos

In 2016, Instagram introduced the 60 second video sharing feature, an update that gave users access to multiple editing options and filters for their videos. This new update made Instagram even more popular and encouraged the average Instagram user to post more videos on their feed. In 2016, Instagram launched the “Stories” feature, quite similar to Snapchat stories.

If your blog leverages video content, you need to take advantage of Instagram’s amazing video sharing features. For example, you can post a video describing some of your blog posts published daily, in text form. This way you earn extra free traffic every day!

4 Introducing Products, Services, and Behind-the-Scenes Moments

Use behind-the-scenes images and videos to show how your business works. Make your blog reader feel like you’re not just a formal entity, but rather a team of talented professionals striving to deliver value to your followers.

5 Hashtags Can Boost Your Brand Awareness and Website Traffic

Hashtags are incredibly powerful if used the right way. Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags, but BufferApp suggests that posts above 11 hashtags will drive the best engagement performance.

But it’s not that. You can discover already popular #hashtags and tag your content according to the most relevant ones. Believe it or not, this simple hashtag strategy can bring targeted new visitors to your blog in seconds!

Additionally, when you decide to implement hashtag marketing consistently, you will slowly improve your brand awareness as well as your traffic. It’s simple; the more numbers you bring to your site, the more long-term benefit you will get.

6 Advanced Advertising Features and Options

Instagram is eager to showcase case studies that showcase how their advertising features could drive exponential results for businesses and individuals who use it carefully. They give each advertiser the ability to measure specific metrics such as awareness, reach, likes, subscribers, comments, as well as ad recall. Measuring your paid campaigns is super easy on Instagram, even if you’re not a tech-savvy blogger.

7 Your competitors might already be using it

Have you researched what your competitors are doing and how they are promoting their products and services online? And their content? Do they use videos, images or text? Which channels do they use the most?

In case you find that Instagram is among the top priorities of your competitors, you should definitely consider entering the scene. Otherwise, you lose a lot of potential traffic, leads, and possibly sales. Be careful especially if your target audience is younger. Compared to many other networks, Instagram has a very young population. Use it properly!

8 Instagram belongs to Facebook

The final reason why you should use Instagram to promote your blog is that it’s owned by Facebook. What does this do for you as a blog owner? Well, you can rest assured that Instagram will continue to grow in functionality and popularity. You can be sure that a lot of money is currently being invested in optimizing this social network, and you can relax knowing that it will continue to be.

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