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In a previous article, I talked about the importance of cleaning up your subscriber base regularly to grow healthily on social networks. In another article, I also talked about the 7 benefits of having a lot of social media followers . Today’s article helps understand why the accounts that take advantage of these benefits the most and are successful are not those with a lot of followers. In reality, they are the ones who understood that: all our subscribers do not have the same value. To grow healthily on social media, they invest their efforts in growing their engaged followers and building their community rather than the size of their follower base.

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To understand why these tactics don’t work, you have to understand that not all followers are of equal value . If so, then it would be more profitable to buy followers than to spend years building a community on social media.

Our subscriber base is made up of 5 major groups:

Composition of followers on social networks

The profiteering subscribers who prevent us from growing healthily

Who are the profiteers?

Profiteers are those who must be eliminated as much as possible from their subscriber base. This group is composed among others of:

They are in fact detractors who hinder our progress. They only follow us to serve their own interests. Most of the time their goal is to get people to subscribe to their account, interact with their posts or buy their products.

How to recognize a profiteer?

The super power of profiteers is manipulation.

Profiteers often use flattery to seduce us. They seek to put us in a situation where we feel indebted for the interest they show us.

Here are some of their favorite techniques:

Like several of our publications at once without subscribing. They seek to attract our attention and hope that we interact in return on their content or that we subscribe to their account.

Post flattering comments like “great post” or use emojis again to get our attention.

Interact with our followers who comment under our posts to attract them to their profile.

Send private messages to sell something.

These detractors are generally not very patient and often quickly reveal their true objectives.

How to reduce the number of profiteers in its subscriber base?

Personally, I recommend deleting them regularly from our subscriber bases. I always block:

repeat offenders

Those who want to sell me followers or other dubious growth techniques.

Spy subscribers who want to keep an eye on us

Who are the spies?

Spies are anyone who follows us around to keep an eye on what we’re doing. Our success scares them because they see us as a threat or maybe our success is a reminder of their failures.

The superpower of spy subscribers: the screenshot

Spies use screenshots and backups a lot to remain anonymous.

They take screenshots and backups for, among other things:

short-circuit the activities of spies?

Here are some tactics to limit the impact of spies on our evolution:

publish content from credible and original sources to silence those who want to discredit us.

share quality content but keep the best for its most engaged audience (email subscribers, website, etc.) to limit the chances of being plagiarized.

stay focused on your goals.

Who are the friends made of?

The group of friends is made up of relatives:

They subscribed to our account because we asked them to. They are not really part of our target customers and for the most part, our content does not interest them that much. However, they do not unsubscribe for fear of hurting us.

Ultimately, friends are those who have subscribed to our profile out of moral obligation.

The superpower of friends subscribers: the double-tap

The friends mechanically like all our publications. Most of the time they do this without really paying attention to the content. Few of them take the time to read the descriptions and share their opinion.

They are there to give us moral support.

How to manage mates to have a healthy subscriber base

Friends are often the first people we ask to subscribe to our profiles to help us attract our real potential customers. It is therefore a little more difficult to reduce this group to clean up its subscriber base.

Friends are people we know personally and so it’s easy to estimate their number. To measure our real performance, we must remember to subtract their impact from our statistics.

I don’t believe in deleting as I believe they have an up-to-date role in our growth. Indeed, :

accounts that are just starting out need this group to attract new followers because as I said in a previous post, followers call followers .

they are the ones who encourage us during times of doubt and offer us their feedback to help us improve.

as we grow, this group becomes negligible and their impact on our performance is reduced.

The locusts who took vows of silence

What are locusts made of?

Locusts are discreet subscribers. This group is made up of:

subscribers that our content is valuable to but not enough to show it openly.

introverts, shy people or those who don’t think their opinion could be relevant.

people who think we don’t need encouragement because we already know our content is good.

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