Instagram: is it necessary to use it when you have a blog?


Social networks are often a good way to promote your blog .  If you are a blogger , you have certainly already created a Facebook account , or even a YouTube channel .  However, have you ever thought about using  Instagram  to connect with a new audience ?  Indeed, like businesses , bloggers who use  Instagram  are not uncommon.  This platform can potentially help you  generate  more traffic, once you understand, of course, how the hashtags ,  stories  and other features  it offers work.  Here’s why I use  Instagram , and why I recommend you do.

Create an ecosystem around the blog

To maximize the chances of success of your blog, it is important to create an ecosystem around it.  However, we must remember that it is the blog that must be at the center of this ecosystem.  Indeed, it is not a good idea to develop your online business on a platform that does not belong to us .  How many companies have seen their Facebook page shut down overnight  –  possibly because they didn’t follow the platform’s rules.  Not to mention that, on social networks, you are generally dependent on their algorithm.  Of course, this is also the case with Google.  However, you have more control with search engines thanks toSEO strategies .

The ecosystem is  therefore complementary to the blog.  First, I strongly advise you to create a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.  These are indeed the two networks most used by Internet users.  It is therefore unthinkable to have an  Instagram account  without being on these two platforms. Thereafter, you can look at other social networks:  Twitter,  LinkedIn ,  Snapchat , and of course  Instagram .

A quick aside , LinkedIn is a must for people who  blog  in the  corporate  or B2B field.

My opinion on  Instagram

Instagram  is not essential, but it is a platform that I recommend.  I use it a lot, and I really like it, because it’s easy to use .  Besides, I like the aesthetics of the interface, I find it very practical.  Plus, the designers behind  IG  are constantly adding new features.  Stories ,  for example, are very useful for communicating with fans, and thanks to them, it is no longer necessary to use  Snapchat . It is even possible to post videos on  IGTV .  It’s a bit like having a YouTube channel directly integrated into this platform.

Over the years, I got tired of Facebook and its algorithm that decides for me what I can see or not.  So I connect to it less and less, except for the business side.  So it’s true that Instagram  also has an algorithm, but it’s much less selective than Facebook’s.

Finally, I have noticed that most people like to use this platform too .  So it’s a new way to connect with your audience.  Also, I don’t know why, but there are no  haters  on  IG , or at least extremely few.  This is another significant advantage offered by this platform.

Use Instagram to increase traffic

It’s always hard to get people off a platform, whether it’s  Instagram , Facebook or YouTube.  This is one of the reasons why I don’t think putting  Instagram  at the heart of its strategy is a good idea. Indeed,  this platform  does not make things easier since it is currently impossible to insert a link under a photo.  If you want to use it to promote your articles, then you will have to place the link in your bio.  However, you can still post a visual to notify your fans of the release of a new publication on your blog.  To maximize your chances of this one being seen, check your  IG stats what time the majority of your audience is online.

On the other hand, I find that one of the best ways to use  Instagram  to increase its traffic is to make stories  to tease your articles .  By filming yourself explaining the few points that you develop in your last publication, you will increase the chances that your fans will visit your blog.

Finally,  Instagram  is a good way to show behind the scenes of your blogging profession, and let your personality shine through in an authentic way .  Even if this last point is already a bit the raison d’être of a blog.

Use  Instagram well

As I explained in the previous point, you can use statistics to determine the best time to post your publications on this platform.  However, I warn you that these will only be accessible to you if you switch your personal account to a pro account.  In addition, you will have to wait until your account totals one hundred subscribers to be able to see them.

In addition, for your publications to be seen, it is important to use hashtags .  On these, opinions differ.  Some think it should be as much as possible, while others say it is better to focus on quality over quantity.  Maybe it depends on the domain.  It’s up to you to experiment and see what works best with your account.

Finally, to help you stay organized, you can schedule your posts using apps like  Later .  Indeed,  Instagram  does not allow you to do this directly on its platform, because originally, the principle was to publish photos taken at the moment.  However, the use of this platform has evolved a lot since its beginnings.  Maybe one day it will be possible to schedule posts directly there. Otherwise, you can very well save your photos and the texts that accompany them as drafts.  Thereafter, you will only have to publish them manually at the appropriate time.

As you will have understood,  Instagram  is a platform that can be interesting, depending on your field.  Maybe you already use it to promote your blog.  If so, let me know what you think in the comments.  Do you have any tips for increasing your traffic through this platform?

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